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The Jubilee Village Project (JVP) is led in Kenya by a team of volunteer "Village Champions" who organize and lead village-based teams for each Village Chapter in western Kenya.  These servant leaders oversee all JVP programs in a village and collaborate with servant leader counterparts on JVP Team Indiana.


Together, these Village Champions make up JVP Team Kenya and work together to enhance and grow JVP program in western Kenya with JVP's 3S Approach.


Paul Odiwour Ogola

Chrisphine Ochieng Okumu

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Daniel Otchyieng Abonyo

Daniel serves as the JVP Village Champion for the village of Amolo Lanya (and the nearby village of Kadianga) in Homa Bay District located just a mile away from Lake Victoria.  Daniel is 27 years old, married to Sheila Atieno and has 2 children.  He is a diploma holder in Missionary Leadership and Management from Springdale College (UK) and a licensiate in the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) for computers for schools (Kenya CFSK).

Miriam Adoyo Okumu

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