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emPOWERing LIFE (ePL) is designed to transform households through the supply of low-cost solar lighting solutions via a simple microloan program.  The solar lights reduce the need for kerosene lamps (Luo = nyangile) that are costly, a fire hazard and emit unhealthy smoke.

The following are the basics of the emPOWERing LIFE program:

  • ePL groups are formed from existing Savings Groups consisting of 6-8 participants and a Group Leader

  • Groups must have an established savings and record keeping systems

  • Training on the benefits of Solar Lighting is provided to the participants

  • Required Pay-In amounts are saved by the participants (approximately $4 each) to begin the program

  • ePL Microloan Contracts are signed by the participants for a microloan of about $22

  • Solar Lights are purchased by JVP and distributed to the participants

  • Participants make 8 weekly Pay-Backs of about $3 each to pay off their microloan 

  • Participants share in 3 Bible studies during the loan period

After the microloan is paid back, each participants fully owns the solar light / charging kit and no longer has the weekly cost burden of kerosene supply and phone charging.

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