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JVP Version 2.0 -- The Next Chapter

In our annual strategic planning retreat of the JVP Leadership Team of the Jubilee Village Project in January 2016, we primarily spent time asking and answering two simple questions:

  • What did God teach us and what did we learn from our first seven years (2009-2015) of ministry in the village of Kager, Kenya?

  • What is God calling us to do better and different in new villages in 2016 and beyond?

And with these simple questions there emerged a simple framework we are affectionately calling JVP Version 2.0 (our second release built on the foundation of our first release):

  • To sharpen our focus and commitment to two strategic goals:

  • Make disciples of Jesus

  • End extreme poverty

  • To infuse in all we do three ministry principles:

  • People-to-people relationships

  • Holistic solutions

  • Servant leadership

  • To use a new model of community and program development: the 3S Approach:

  • Start small

  • Scale slow

  • Seek sustainability

As we look to expand into new villages in western Kenya (projects are underway in the villages of Ngulu, Kawiya and Sigomere right now), we are excited for a renewed vision that God has given us to Change the World, One Village at a Time.

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